November 7, 2018

Is remote work an opportunity or a threat?

How to make remote work work. We share our experience and offer some practical advice to help you find remote work success.

Ilma October 10, 2018

Team building: This might make you uncomfortable

After years of trying to make team building fun, we found a better approach that has helped our team truly grow. Here's what we did.

Ilma September 20, 2018

Hackathons: why do we do them?

Hackathons are a big part of The Remote Company culture. Once or twice a year our developers, designers and product managers go to a resort in the forest and spend 24 or 48 hours coding new features.

Ilma April 6, 2018

Living with 17 co-workers in Bali, not counting the child

In 2015 we decided to work and live in Bali. Here’s a story of pros and cons of the team retreat.

Ilma March 5, 2017

I’ve planned 5 workations. Here’s what I’ve learned.

The MailerLite team just came back from our 5th workation. We spent 10 colorful days traveling & working in Morocco.

Ilma August 1, 2016

Why a workation is the best way to motivate your team

Looking for the best way to motivate your team? Organize a workation (we tell you all about it in this blog)!

Ilma August 15, 2015

Why companies should spend money on experiences, not things

Let's talk about three ways how we like to invest in our team's success at The Remote Company—like moving the entire team to Bali for the winter.

Ilma October 2, 2010

What every company can learn from a remote workforce

4 remote-work principles that can improve all types of companies, including yours.

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