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Megan June 16, 2021

Working from home? We asked our team about their most effective home office setup

Creating your own home office? Need ideas for your setup? Our team shares their home personal office spaces.

Megan June 9, 2021

Q&A with Izabella: How to find the best candidates around the world

Izabella has interviewed over 450 people since starting at The Remote Company. Learn what sparks her interests, how she spots a perfect fit, and what makes candidates stand out.

Ilma June 2, 2021

The remote work evolution: Work from home versus work from anywhere

How did companies and employees adapt to remote work? We’ll share our insights into what has changed, what hasn’t, and what’s next in the remote work evolution.

Megan May 21, 2021

Virtual team building activities and games to enjoy in 2021

How can teams bond virtually this year? It’s much easier than you might think, even with a big remote team! We're sharing 8 virtual retreat ideas your team will love (ours certainly did).

Erin May 17, 2021

How to organize an epic virtual company quiz night in Gather

How do you organize a virtual team quiz night with 100+ employees? Learn how to emulate the perfect pub quiz to kick-back and relax with your remote team.

Ilma May 12, 2021

Our support strategy almost ruined our business (+ how we fixed it)

We'll take you through our customer support journey, from 2014 to now, and share how our good intentions almost made MailerLite's foundation crumble.

Megan May 4, 2021

Q&A with Liam: From being rejected to becoming Ycode's Lead Developer

A tale about honing your skills and never giving up. Liam was rejected on his first attempt to work for The Remote Company. He never gave up, and now he's a team lead!

Ericka April 28, 2021

82 remote-first companies that actively hire

Do you ever dream of working remotely in a place where you will thrive the most? If the answer is yes, here's a list of 82 remote-first companies that actively hire people from around the world!

Amanda April 12, 2021

Project management that enhances our independent spirit

Learn how we manage projects at The Remote Company with teams that are scattered across the globe.

Megan April 10, 2021

Q&A with Remis: On growing, learning and loving his job (for 5 years!)

He's arguably our number #1 cheerleader, and he's been with The Remote Company for nearly 5 years. Remis shares how he has grown and why he loves every day on the job.

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