82 remote-first companies that actively hire

Do you ever dream of working remotely in a place where you will thrive the most? Here's 82 remote-first companies that actively hire people worldwide!

Before The Remote Company was founded, most of our team worked for our email marketing platform, MailerLite. We started with a small office in Vilnius, Lithuania, where almost everyone worked on a traditional 9-5 schedule. 

It wasn’t until 2014 when we decided to recruit our first remote employee, Silvestras, to test the idea of full-time remote work. It proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made!

Today, The Remote Company is a network of four remote-first companies—MailerLite, MailerCheck, MailerSend, and Ycode. We’ve grown into a team of 130+ people, with the majority of our team working remotely in an asynchronous manner.

We believe attracting the best people for your team starts by searching for talent in different places, and allowing them to work wherever they are happiest and most productive—whether that's in a home office or from a hammock on the beach (if the WiFi reaches that far).

Each team member has the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Our team is based in places like New York, Bali, Mexico City and Manila. It's all about creating the best work-life balance in a place that empowers our skills and abilities.

If this remote work lifestyle is for you, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 100% remote companies from all over the world that actively hire—with or without a pandemic. Check out our list including 82 remote-first companies, sorted by category!

Remote-first companies that personally inspire us

The companies below are ones that we personally like—either because we use their tools or because we really enjoy their vision!

  • 15Five
    As a remote-first team, it’s hard (or rather, impossible) to know how everyone is feeling. That’s why we use the feedback tool 15Five to check-in with everyone on a monthly basis. Each team member privately shares how they feel, what they’re proud of, what they’re struggling with and what questions they have (similar to an internal NPS score).

  • GitLab
    GitLab's handbook is an open-source document with over 8,000 pages of text that shows employees (and anyone else who's interested) how they run their company. As our team is expanding and working remotely, we decided to follow GitLab’s example and create a handbook of our own. 

  • Buffer
    It was Buffer that taught us the significant value of retreats. Since 2013, they’ve been hosting them all over the world and realized that these face-to-face meetings resulted in smoother work processes, fewer obstacles, and more enthusiastic and engaged employees. They gave us the confidence to start hosting our own workation back in 2016. 

  • Automattic
    Based in San Francisco, Automattic is one of the leading 100% remote companies, with 12 products and over 1,170 employees. This company is solid proof that you can scale a remote-first team. We love following their growth and noting their learnings as we’re continuing to expand our team.

  • Toggl
    As a fully remote company, Toggl embraces the challenges of managing a remote team. Their management style has proved to be quite successful. They understand what it takes to create and contribute to the development of a top-notch tool in a remote environment. We share similar core values, so we’re always curious about any tips and tricks they share.

  • Kona
    Kona’s mission is to make empathy mainstream at work. We love that idea! They’re doing that through daily emotional check-ins directly in Slack, which helps managers take action to improve their remote culture and employee wellbeing before it's too late. Kona also believes that remote work is the future and they are hiring!

  • Dollar Flight Club
    Working remotely means having the luxury of packing your bags and moving your home office on any given day to the “remotest” remote workplaces in the world (assuming you’re not stuck at home with a pet, a partner, or plants to water). Every day, DFC scans countless airfare combinations looking for the cheapest options on the internet. They even send you an email alert on their findings. Save big, travel far!

  • OnTheGoSystems
    Their customer-focused motto “We believe that people, not products, make the difference” is right up our lane. OnTheGoSystems is a fully remote company that values creativity, autonomy, and responsibility. As a global team, diversity is a part of the company's DNA. Working at OnTheGoSystems allows all their employees to enjoy the fully-remote flexibility.

  • Doist
    One of our values is to make sure everyone feels best at work. We encourage our team to go for a walk or take a Lizzo spinning class (yes, they exist) to refresh their minds. Doist has a similar vision: Inspire the workplace of the future by developing tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live. 

  • Bandcamp
    Music runs through The Remote Company’s DNA! Nikola from SRE played guitar in a Serbian rock band, Content Writer Megan runs a blog called Sign This Kid, and Data Scientist Deividas is a DJ by night. So naturally, we are hyped about Bandcamp: A place to discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who made it.

  • Skillcrush
    Did you know our developer Remigijus was a lawyer before joining The Remote Company? And that several of our non-tech team members even code on the side? We want everyone in our team to constantly develop their professional skills. Learning becomes much easier with initiatives like Skillcrush, which is a platform that offers online courses in web design, coding, and other digital skills. 

  • Zapier
    We love automated workflows, working more efficiently, and especially, doing both without using any code. Zapier loves doing those exact same things with our products MailerLite, MailerCheck and MailerSend. Hence, it’s a match made in heaven (for us and our customers).

  • Flexjobs
    The good folks over at Flexjobs understand that the traditional concept of "the office" has changed over the years. They believe that remote working and home jobs will become the new normal (if they haven't already). Their platform not only performs thousands of job searches for full-time, part-time and flexible work, but it also offers tips and resources about remote work and telecommuting. We like Flexjobs because it's a great place to look for remote positions when you're not sure where to start.

  • Sketch
    An interesting fact about Sketch is that they’ve never had an office and aren’t planning to get one! They’re proof that an excellent online tool can be developed by remote workers. Sketch gives our designers an everyday tool to design new features and tools, an important stage in product design. Before taking a design to development, Sketch gives us the power to create prototypes as close as they get to the final result. 

  • Hopin
    Having a distributed team around the world means that most people don’t get to meet each other often, or at all. We normally host two workations a year to get everyone in our team together. However, since the coronavirus outbreak started last year, we’ve had to adapt and host staycations instead. A staycation is a week-long virtual retreat where projects are discussed and fun bonding activities take place. Hopin is a platform to organize real-time, online events—whether that’s for small or large audiences (we’re talking over 50,000 attendees at once!). It’s ideal for remote teams to collaborate and bond online (like our staycations!). Hopin is a great alternative to Zoom.

  • The Remote Company
    Last but not least, every day we're inspired by the work we do here at The Remote Company. We've followed the best practices of the remote-first companies we admire and combined them with our own secret sauce to make our team feel connected no matter where we are. Curious to get to know us better? Check us out!

Our 100% remote team

Remote-first companies that actively hire (sorted by category)

Most startups, small businesses and big companies on this list offer great remote work environments, along with engaging company culture, flexible schedules, helpful onboarding, and attractive perks. 

Of course, the list of remote companies could be much longer! We picked out these top companies that often have job openings for remote workers globally, so you can apply from wherever you're based in the world. Get your resumes ready!

Customer service and CRM

  1. Olark

  2. Help Scout

  3. Close

  4. Prezly

Education industry

  1. Skillcrush

  2. Articulate

  3. AULA

  4. MangoLanguages

  5. Fire Engine Red

Financial and tax services

  1. Stripe

  2. YNAB

  3. Xapo

  4. Blockchain

  5. DollarSprout

Marketing, sales and e-commerce

  1. MailerLite

  2. MailerSend

  3. Zapier

  4. Hotjar

  5. Edgar

  6. Buffer

  7. Xtensio

  8. LeadsBridge

  9. SkyVerge

  10. Memberful

Software development

  1. Arkency

  2. Automattic

  3. Clevertech

  4. DockYard

  5. Genuitec

  6. Modern Tribe

  7. Guilded 

Databases and continuous integration

  1. Semaphore CI

  2. Buildkite

  3. Knack

Design, photo and video

  1. InVision

  2. Collage

  3. 1 Second Everyday

  4. Uscreen

  5. Superside

Open source

  1. 84codes

  2. GitLab

  3. Axelerant

  4. BuddyBoss

  5. Ghost

  6. Particular Software

  7. Zyte

  8. Skyscrapers

  9. Sourcegraph

  10. Ten

Design and web development agencies

  1. Ycode

  2. Sketch

  3. 10up

  4. PitchLift

  5. Bejamas

  6. X-Team

Productivity and project management software

  1. Basecamp

  2. Doist

  3. BestSelf

  4. Time Doctor

  5. Hubstaff

  6. Toggl


  1. Dollar Flight Club

  2. Backpack Travel

  3. BootsnAll

  4. Cloudbeds

WordPress solutions

  1. OnTheGoSystems

  2. Human Made

  3. rtCamp

  4. Soflyy


  1. Airbrake

  2. 15Five

  3. DNSimple

  4. DuckDuckGo

  5. FirstBaseHQ

  6. Overleaf

  7. PowerToFly

  8. Requis

  9. Toptal

  10. Bandcamp

  11. Circular

  12. Flexjobs

  13. Hopin

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