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The incredible remote talent pool around the world has enabled us to hire a dynamic and diverse team from dozens of countries. Every day is a new opportunity to learn about our different cultures, work styles and personalities.

It’s a unique, multicultural experience! As a result, we’re constantly finding new and creative ways to nurture an inclusive work environment—a space where everyone feels welcome.

Three The Remote Company employees are standing in the circle, pointing at the laptop and discussing the work.

“Funnily enough, I feel more connected to the team which I've never met in person than to my old colleagues who I would see in the office every day. I guess it's quality, not quantity.”

Nicole, Customer Support

Our journey started with defining clear values. Values that communicate what we stand for and how we treat each other. This helps shape our company culture and attract new, like-minded people.

Please read our values to understand if The Remote Company is a good fit for you. Every new team member agrees to the values as part of their job contract.

“I'm fortunate to have a team that inspires me to be passionate and to love my job. I can't stress enough the importance of our culture and values which encourage us to innovate, try new things, not be afraid of failures.”

Jess, Partnership Manager

Partnership manager Jess is getting inspired while sitting in a hammock in an exotic destination.

What we offer

Wondering why we think you’ll love working for The Remote Company? Here are just a few of the things our teammates mention.

Asynchronous communication and uninterrupted time blocks let you plan your work.

A multicultural team working from 30+ countries building world-class products.

MacBook and other tools that'll help you do your best work as part of a remote-first team.

Annual benefits including budgets for a home office, personal development and leisure activities.

Paid retreats (workations) where we gather twice a year in an exotic location to learn and have fun together.

Paid creative days where you explore your passions and then share your discoveries with the team afterward.

Ready to join our team?

Open positions:

MailerLite Email Designer Full-time - Remote

MailerLite Paid Advertising Specialist Full-time - Remote

MailerLite Quality Assurance Engineer Full-time - Remote

MailerSend Laravel and Vue.js Developer Full-time - Remote

Ycode Laravel and Vue.js Developer Full-time - Remote

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