Everything we do at The Remote Company is designed to help each team member live their best life—both professionally and personally. We give each person the freedom, trust, and responsibility to help us all succeed. When people are happy, they are naturally motivated to do great work.

How do we know that people enjoy working at The Remote Company? We ask the team, anonymously.

We want to make sure that our team’s goals are aligned so that everyone is happy and fulfilled. During our hiring process, we explain what we stand for and what we offer as a company. It’s essential that team members share the same values.

Our thriving remote culture

We hired our first remote employee in 2014. Since then, we’ve been building and nurturing a remote culture that represents our values. Through the growing pains of managing a 100+ person remote team, we’ve found what works best (and we’re still learning).

Our remote-first culture is also people’s biggest motivation for working with us!

Work climate based on values

Our company values help guide our day-to-day decisions with minimal oversight. We trust our people! There is no micromanagement, and as a result, each person must take full responsibility for their work.

One of our values is that we take responsibility. Everyone has a lot of autonomy and that freedom is tied to being a reliable team member—even during the hardest challenges.

Another important aspect of giving people freedom is to respect their time. If someone has a deep work status on Slack, we’d only interrupt for urgent matters. And asynchronous communication means that people have up to 24 hours to respond to a message.

Here’s what our team members are saying about our work climate:

"I’ve been working for 20 years, and this is BY FAR the best company I have worked with. Usually, I would say “worked for” but it really doesn’t feel that way here. That itself is a testament already."

"Values, people, product, leaders, team - all that combined makes the company what it is, a great place to work!"

"I feel the company takes good care of me. That makes me feel invested and proactive. I want it to keep like this forever. There is also plenty of room for learning new stuff and the chance to change the position within the company is absolutely amazing."

"I love the flexibility and the trust you put on us 😊"

"I like the company’s honesty about things that happens to us. Also, I can see that everybody is trying to make it right and give your best. I feel this from top to bottom."

"Trust 10/10 and no micro-management 10/10."

Our values were introduced organically based on our everyday experiences, and they evolve as we grow and learn. They are not a set of rules, but rather a set of guidelines that give us the freedom to work how and where we want.

Multicultural teams makes us stronger

As a global team representing 30+ countries, we embrace our multicultural makeup and value each team member’s individuality. We celebrate our diversity! 

Every day offers a chance to meet new colleagues from different cultures with unique work styles and personalities. We have made it a priority to develop an inclusive work environment for everyone, where people feel welcome and valued.

Recently, we had a virtual food night where people from different countries taught others how to cook their traditional dishes. We had Portuguese, Palestinian, Mexican, Czech, and Lithuanian dishes as well as a special group representing the world’s favorite beverage: coffee. 

We love learning more about our differences. It is what makes us a stronger and dynamic team.

Experiencing work-together and staycations

Staycation is about getting to know the people on the team and spending quality time together. It is a blast! When travel was not possible, we turned our workation into a staycation. We met virtually to enjoy workshops, share our stories, movie night, and team bonding events. Even though we love meeting in person, our team enjoyed the staycations as well, and the format stayed.

Additionally, each department gathers once a year for a week in an exotic location to work, learn and have fun together. Some of the previous destinations included Panama City, the Azores, Bali, and Morocco.

Vacation policies for our wellbeing

Everyone has four weeks (20 working days) of paid vacation. We ask that people take at least two weeks of uninterrupted vacation to relax and reenergize. It's proven that two weeks are needed to refresh properly. 

For parents, we also offer one day per month for those who have a child under 12 years, and for new parents, we offer one month for fathers and three months for mothers. Anyone who becomes a parent through childbirth or adoption gets 1,000 USD.

Public holidays are automatically marked in the calendar based on the country of each team member (nomads choose the country where they spend most of their time). And finally, we have sick leave for when you're not feeling well (physically or mentally). A paid day off per month without a doctor’s note, two more days with a doctor’s note.

Once per quarter, everyone can take a paid creative day to explore their passions. People can choose what inspires them. Some take cooking classes, visit museums, or go for a hike. Afterward, they share their discoveries with the company via Slack. 

Creativity, open-mindedness, personal growth are the foundation of our company culture.

Remote health insurance

Every team member gets global health insurance with full coverage in their home country and 175+ countries. No exclusions for pandemics.

An Apple laptop and annual benefits

Every new team member receives an Apple laptop. You get a new computer every four years, and we let you donate your used laptop to the nonprofit of your choice! 

We offer additional employee benefits designed to improve their personal and professional development. These benefits begin after one year with us. And every year after that, the benefits expand. It’s important for us to show our appreciation and celebrate anniversaries with more than a public thanks! Here’s the full list of benefits that we offer after each year:
1st year - 1,000 USD joy budget
2nd year - 1,000 USD joy budget
3rd year - 1,000 USD joy budget
4th year - 1,500 USD joy budget and a new laptop
5th year - 1,500 USD joy budget + 5,000 USD paid leisure trip
6-9 years  - 3,000 USD joy budget
10th year - 3,000 USD joy budget + 10,000 USD paid leisure trip
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