Our values

Although we are from all over the world, we have one thing in common—a passion for building a world-class product within a company culture that is built on trust, dedication and shared values.

Rimante working while sitting on the outdoor stairs with the team.

"I am very proud to be working with such amazing people! It motivates me when I see how creative, determined and hard-working people are on our team."

Rimante, Technical Support

1. We focus on people

We care about people and focus on adding value and making our customers feel special.

Our products enable millions of people around the world to start and grow their businesses online. We want to cheer them on and grow with them, as our success depends on their success.

By highlighting success stories, nurturing online communities and connecting customers to our experts, we motivate people to keep moving forward.

Our team is multi-cultural and combines many different backgrounds, cultures, personalities and skills. We want our customers to know us as people, that is why our human side shines through in everything we do. Our support team leads the way by including personal touches in conversations with customers. And the images you see everywhere? That's all really us!

"The possibilities to grow are endless! Every single day I learn new ways to do something, read interesting chats from other departments or someone teaches me about a topic."

Alberto, Customer Support

Alberto and his colleagues are working in the park.

2. We are passionate about our products

We truly believe in what we do and we put our heart and soul into it.

For us, this is not "just another job" but a shared mission to show the world what we can do. We are genuinely proud of our work, and it shows!

As a team, we believe that if we combine our individual skills, knowledge and experiences, we become unstoppable.

We love celebrating successes and facing challenges together, and encourage learning from each other to achieve our goals.

  • Developed a killer feature? Give a presentation

  • Wrote a blog post? Share it with the team

  • Noticed room for improvement? Write a pitch

  • Attended a conference? Share your insights

We are on this great adventure together and proud to say #lovemyjob.

3. We communicate with purpose

Our productivity and job satisfaction are directly connected to how information moves throughout the company. We use tools like Slack, Notion, Github, 15Five and internal newsletters to keep everyone in the loop.

We encourage people to plan their workday according to their needs and block out "do not disturb" time whenever they need to fully focus. As long as messages are checked within 24 hours.

As a result, most of our communication is asynchronous. This requires that we communicate with intent. For example by always providing the needed information in messages or documents, so that colleagues don’t need to ask too many questions. Or by planning video call meetings way ahead and at a time that works for every time zone.

To make a remote team work, everyone needs to contribute to online communication, especially written. This goes for online manuals and documentation but also work status updates. Internet issues? Take a vacation day. Running errands? Add a status update mentioning when you are back.

When everyone participates in our communication, we stay better connected and expand our ideas. Diversity of thoughts will lead to better outcomes. It’s not a watch party, we are all part of the story!

Ignas and Marta are working together on the new MailerLite designs.

"I see my personal growth in many ways. In design and development, but also in time management, communication and self-expression."

Ignas, Designer

4. We are ready to grow

Change is inevitable and life is better if we keep evolving too. We are successful today because of the chances we took years ago.

The key to success is to continue experimenting, making mistakes, learning new things and getting comfortable with change. Even if we don't have the answers or tried something before, if we believe in an idea it is worth a try. Even if the outcome isn't as expected, we can still share our learnings.

Growth is a success metric, but it is a tricky one. What if our business doubles in size in the next six months? Whatever makes us prepared for this growth is today is what we need to work on.

Our overall growth starts with individual people. That is why we bring our personalities, habits and personal challenges to work. Conscious people who are self-aware are better colleagues. We encourage our team members to notice their habits, the fears that limit their decisions and the insecurities that block them from growing. Together we can overcome these challenges!

We use 15Five to know how people feel every month.

5. We simplify

We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple.

Everything we do is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks. We create products with advanced functionality to keep up with customers’ needs, yet we take extra steps to ensure our tools are easy to use.

The same goes for our company. We are a remote team because we believe that there is no one place in the world where all the best talent lives. That is why we made our office location wherever people are happiest.

For our working methods, we prefer the simplest and fastest way to get things done. Our team takes the time to do research, write a pitch and discuss with colleagues. Then, they choose the solution that is both simple and genius.

Developer Vincent working from his home office.

"My biggest motivation is that we are creating a product that has the potential to change the current landscape."

Vincent, Developer

6. We care about long-term goals

We don’t have investors that require quarterly reports or need to show results right away. We also don’t chase after overnight success or a viral video.

We create awesome products that are here to stay and feel good every step of the way. From a clean design and intuitive interfaces to great customer support and valuable content. No shortcuts!

We invest in things that will always be relevant to our customers. Things like a support team that genuinely cares, a company culture that helps us hire incredibly talented people and spending over a year rewriting code to make MailerLite more scalable and bulletproof.

Our team leaders' vision is focused on where the team is heading in the next several years. This is communicated clearly and includes a plan for the resources, skills and people needed to achieve it.

How we guarantee longevity:

  • Have a killer idea? Ask yourself what brings us long-term

  • The same applies to the content. Will it bring value in a year? Is it evergreen?

  • Had an issue? Think about what you could do to avoid it next time

"I am excited about developing new features and how our team works together. I love seeing the satisfaction and smiles on everyone's face when we talk about the sprints we've completed in our demo calls."

Magdalena, Developer

Developer Magdalena on a video call with a team.

7. We take responsibility

We don’t micromanage. You have a lot of autonomy and decide how and when you work. The only rule is that freedom is tied to responsibility.

Thousands of people around the world trust us with their business. When we mess up, miss a deadline or slow down—it matters. That is why we take that responsibility seriously.

Before there is a problem, communicate your issues or concerns. Colleagues are always willing to help, but we don’t tolerate excuses. Every result is a combination of a challenge and your responsibility (response + ability). If you don’t feel part of the problem, you cannot be part of the solution.

The same goes for communication with customers. We feel responsible for their success and believe in transparency, like informing them when there is an issue. Trust is the foundation of any team or successful business.

8. We are positive

We are looking for people who “default to optimism.”

Positive thoughts will help us reach our goals faster and make our company and products far better in the future than they are today. For us, saying "that will never work" is not an answer. Being positive means you can address issues and think of ways to improve every situation.

We are always aware of the words we use to communicate, both internally and externally. We prefer to skip negative words like “no”, “not” and “never”. The words we use can have a significant impact on how it is received and how our brain reacts to the situation.

For example, when you say “I have a problem”, you limit yourself. But when you say “I have a challenge”, you are motivated to find creative solutions.

Within the team, we notice small and big wins, write public compliments to our colleagues and love spreading joy.

Finally, we respect our competitors. Strong and creative competitors help us move forward.

Sthefani, Vlad and Laura are sitting together admiring Mayan Pyramid in Mexico.

Our support team managers in Mexico. Sthefani is from Guatemala, Laura is from Colombia and Vlad is from Estonia.

9. We treat people right

People should treat others as they want to be treated themselves. That means showing respect and empathy for every person, regardless of their situation. No gossip, talking behind backs, insults or name-calling. If there are things that need discussing, be brave enough to bring it up.

We strive to create an environment where our team members feel safe to talk about their diverse experiences and share different points of view. This global perspective gives us all a broader understanding of the world and allows us to educate one another.

Treating people equally starts with small actions. For example, if you greet others by shaking hands, be sure to do it with all members of the team.

In our team, we answer every question, even the seemingly strange ones, and listen to all suggestions. If it is not useful, be forthcoming and clearly explain why (with kindness).

We are proud to have team members that fight for human rights, raise adopted children, volunteer at local communities and share their knowledge with non-profits. Each person chooses their own way to give back to society and we cheer on everyone’s personal efforts.

Lana's son with a tray of cookies during The Remote Company creative day.

"For my creative day, I decided to have a baking day with my little munchkin 👨‍🍳 👩‍👦"

Lana, Customer Support

10. We take care of ourselves

The overall health of our team is directly connected to each individual’s well-being. That's why we strive for a great work-life balance at The Remote Company.

Take care of your physical and mental health: You can meditate, go to the gym, get a massage or have a therapy session in the middle of the day. Your work can wait two hours, especially when you come back full of energy and motivation.

Don’t spend all your time behind the computer: Stay curious, explore the world, read books, enjoy your hobbies, and meet different people. Finding new ways of looking at things can lead to better decision-making and new exciting projects. That's why once every quarter, we urge everyone to take a creative day. This is a paid day off where you get to unplug and explore.

Spend time with your family and friends: We want everyone to take at least two weeks of uninterrupted vacation per year. We also have annual benefits that get more attractive the longer you work for The Remote Company. One of our benefits is a 5,000 USD budget to spend on a leisure trip with friends or family (or just you riding solo!), available to anyone who's been with us for longer than five years.


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