Ilma October 10, 2018

Team building: This might make you uncomfortable

After years of trying to make team building fun, we found a better approach that has helped our team truly grow. Here's what we did.

Ilma September 20, 2018

Hackathons: why do we do them?

Hackathons are a big part of The Remote Company culture. Once or twice a year our developers, designers and product managers go to a resort in the forest and spend 24 or 48 hours coding new features.

Ilma April 6, 2018

Living with 17 co-workers in Bali, not counting the child

In 2015 we decided to work and live in Bali. Here’s a story of pros and cons of the team retreat.

Ilma March 5, 2017

I’ve planned 5 workations. Here’s what I’ve learned.

The MailerLite team just came back from our 5th workation. We spent 10 colorful days traveling & working in Morocco.

Ilma August 1, 2016

Why a workation is the best way to motivate your team

Looking for the best way to motivate your team? One word – workation.

Ilma August 15, 2015

Why companies should spend money on experiences, not things

Spending money on experiences — travel, outdoor activities, concerts, classes, movies…

Ilma October 2, 2010

What every company can learn from a remote workforce

4 remote-work principles that can improve all types of companies, including yours.

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