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Grab a front-row seat to experience our thriving remote work culture—as we live it. Enjoy the stories, insights and new job opportunities.

Once per quarter, everyone at The Remote Company can take a paid day off to explore their passions. Discover how team TRC takes these "creative days" to the next level.

Some can easily switch off, while others keep an eye on work notifications long after they stopped working. How do you establish a work-life balance as a remote worker? Our team knows!

The Pomodoro Technique won’t turn you into a productivity machine, but it will change the way you approach remote work. Find out what happened when Content Writer, Erin, tested out the Pomodoro writing method.

Rachel lived a nocturnal lifestyle before she transitioned to the Partnerships team. Learn how she found peace in the darkness, and her approach to pursuing a completely new career within The Remote Company.

This is the story of how one simple Slack channel sparked countless amazing conversations and our team growing much tighter!

Team values will change with time, growth and experience. Find out how we updated our values to keep up with the times and build trust within our team!

How to avoid Zoom fatigue by setting up a virtual team communication framework designed for highly productive remote work.

These 10 principles have helped us tremendously in building an effective remote work culture.

We asked over 500 people worldwide about their experiences of working remotely in a team. Here's what we found!

Learn how Marcin sets up his professional home recording studio, prepares for live webinars and video tutorials, and records amazing tutorial videos.

With a team of over 140 people in 40 countries, we know about co-working spaces all over the world. Here are our personal favorites!

Welcome to this epic guide with over 70 home office items and gadgets—handpicked and recommended by our team of 140+ remote workers!

What makes a great team? How do you hire the best team players? Instead of settling for the stereotypes, we did an experiment to see what works for us. The results surprised us!

Your team will thank you later. We'll explain how great handbooks are written, why they benefit the team, and offer a sneak peek inside our own handbook.

As a kid, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Dreams change, but so do career paths! Read how Martyna transitioned into her new role.

Creating your own home office? Need ideas for your setup? Our team shares their home personal office spaces.

Izabella has interviewed over 450 people since starting at The Remote Company. Learn what sparks her interests, how she spots a perfect fit, and what makes candidates stand out.

How did companies and employees adapt to remote work? We’ll share our insights into what has changed, what hasn’t, and what’s next in the remote work evolution.

How can teams bond virtually this year? It’s much easier than you might think, even with a big remote team! We're sharing 8 virtual retreat ideas your team will love (ours certainly did).

How do you organize a virtual team quiz night with 100+ employees? Learn how to emulate the perfect pub quiz to kick-back and relax with your remote team.

We'll take you through our customer support journey, from 2014 to now, and share how our good intentions almost made MailerLite's foundation crumble.

A tale about honing your skills and never giving up. Liam was rejected on his first attempt to work for The Remote Company. He never gave up, and now he's a team lead!

Do you ever dream of working remotely in a place where you will thrive the most? If the answer is yes, here's a list of 82 remote-first companies that actively hire people from around the world!

Learn how we manage projects at The Remote Company with teams that are scattered across the globe.

He's arguably our number #1 cheerleader, and he's been with The Remote Company for nearly 5 years. Remis shares how he has grown and why he loves every day on the job.

Many of us have gotten used to our home offices by now. If you've changed from an in-person office to working from home, chances are that you had to learn a few new remote working tools. Here are a few more that'll change the way you work.

Sharing our 9 practices on successfully leading a remote team—from our unique hiring process to how we make sure that 130+ employees feel happy at work!

A quick in-person chat about an upcoming project or a catch-up while preparing a coffee is something only our Lithuanian-based team members have the luxury of doing. For the rest of us, teamwork happens online.

He's got the brains and the personality! Read our fun Q&A with CTO Nikola, who talks about coworking/living/quarantining with a partner.

Our team shares their working-from-home routines and strategies to stay effective while working remotely.

We talk with our Financial Manager about his year working remotely while educating his two daughters at home. Here's how he balances it all, and why company values are key.

From starting our own cafe to hosting virtual brewing sessions, coffee has become part of our remote work culture.

Are you constantly distracted by Slack notifications? Here's a step-by-step plan to combat Slack overwhelm and make internal team messaging more zen.

Learn how to let employees create internal cheatsheets that help other teammates to know exactly how they prefer to work and communicate.

Read about her pre-rona adventures around the world, how she learned to enjoy the now and what makes a new place feel like home.

Paola shares how she learned to communicate better, why she believes getting your zzz's is a must, and her advice on making remote work "work".

From starting with MailerLite ten years ago to running several companies under The Remote Company: We've evolved quite a lot as a remote-first company over the past 10+ years. In this Q&A, we'll share everything we've learned along the way

Want to know the secrets of making hybrid teams work? We share how our remote and office teams stay connected.

Our support team share their thoughts on the most important factors in creating a customer-first company culture.

We're only together in-person 2 weeks out of the year, which means we must get the most out of every team-bonding activity. Here are our favorites.

Instead of following the latest 'cool' trends, company perks should be unique to your culture. See how we created perks that fit our values.

We're sharing 7 best practices that will help you create a great virtual team workation of your own.

How do you nurture an inclusive work culture when hiring people from around the world? Learn how embracing diverse perspectives helps us work smarter.

A thriving team has little to do with numerical analyses and everything to do with an employee's happiness and motivation. Let us explain!

Learn how this new approach for collecting job applications helps us sift through thousands of remote candidates to find the best person for the job.

We're sharing our most valuable insights for teams to successfully work and communicate remotely so you can keep your business running as usual. Read now!

Over the years I’ve stumbled upon beautiful remote spots that let you work in absolute peace. Now it’s time to share my favorites with you!

We asked some of our remote colleagues to share what they like about remote work and the challenges that they face.

Books can inspire people to make the most important business decisions, which is exactly what happened at The Remote Company.

How to make remote work work. We share our experience and offer some practical advice to help you find remote work success.

After years of trying to make team building fun, we found a better approach that has helped our team truly grow. Here's what we did.

Hackathons are a big part of The Remote Company culture. Once or twice a year our developers, designers and product managers go to a resort in the forest and spend 24 or 48 hours coding new features.

In 2015 we decided to work and live in Bali. Here’s a story of pros and cons of the team retreat.

The MailerLite team just came back from our 5th workation. We spent 10 colorful days traveling & working in Morocco.

Looking for the best way to motivate your team? Organize a workation (we tell you all about it in this blog)!

Let's talk about three ways how we like to invest in our team's success at The Remote Company—like moving the entire team to Bali for the winter.

4 remote-work principles that can improve all types of companies, including yours.

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