Megan February 11, 2021

Q&A with Erin: How this digital nomad slowed down and found her silver lining

Read about her pre-rona adventures around the world, how she learned to enjoy the now and what makes a new place feel like home.

Megan January 16, 2021

Q&A with Paola: Working in a different time zone from your team

Paola shares how she learned to communicate better, why she believes getting your zzz's is a must, and her advice on making remote work "work".

Megan October 16, 2020

Our remote-first approach: Q&A with our COO Ilma

From starting with MailerLite ten years ago to running several companies under The Remote Company: We've evolved quite a lot as a remote-first company over the past 10+ years. In this Q&A, we'll share everything we've learned along the way.

Ilma July 21, 2020

Office and remote: Overcoming the challenges of hybrid teams

Want to know the secrets of making hybrid teams work? We share how our remote and office teams stay connected.

Megan July 15, 2020

Customer support with love: How and why we do what we do

Our support team share their thoughts on the most important factors in creating a customer-first company culture.

Ilma July 7, 2020

Team-bonding or time-wasting? Team-building activities that connect people

We're only together in-person 2 weeks out of the year, which means we must get the most out of every team-bonding activity. Here are our favorites.

Ilma June 23, 2020

How to attract talented people with meaningful company perks

Instead of following the latest 'cool' trends, company perks should be unique to your culture. See how we created perks that fit our values.

Ilma May 7, 2020

What we learned from hosting our first-ever virtual workation

We're sharing 7 best practices that will help you create a great virtual team workation of your own.

Ilma April 17, 2020

Diverse perspectives, shared values: How to create an inclusive team

How do you nurture an inclusive work culture when hiring people from around the world? Learn how embracing diverse perspectives helps us work smarter.

Ilma April 10, 2020

How to shape a remote team that’s uber-productive (spoiler: it’s not about measuring progress)

A thriving team has little to do with numerical analyses and everything to do with an employee's happiness and motivation. Let us explain!

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