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Want to work at The Remote Company, but don’t see any open positions in your field?

Don’t let that stop you! We’d love to get to know you for future opportunities. Take a look at our application process and send us your details.

The entire team of The Remote Company is sending greetings from their workation.

Why Work at The Remote Company?

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You take ownership and responsibility

We trust you to take full responsibility and ownership of your work. We avoid micromanaging so you can be your best.

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You’ll have experts on hand

When you get stuck, your teammates are eager to help. And they’d love for you to share your knowledge too!

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You pick where you want to work

Every day you get to choose what environment makes you the happiest and most productive.

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You can count on growth and stability

We've been growing a profitable company for more than 10 years, and we're just getting started!

What we offer

  • Competitive salary—we pay at or above market rates

  • Remote-first culture with the team working remotely from all over the world

  • Remote health insurance. Every team member gets global health insurance with full coverage in their home country and 175+ countries. No exclusions for pandemics

  • Company-paid retreats that we call workations. The whole company gathers once a year for a week in an exotic location to work, learn and have fun together

  • Team meet-up once a year. You and your team will get a budget to meet and bond in a location of your choice

  • Four weeks of vacation. We encourage you to unplug and recharge!

  • Creative days. One paid day off per quarter to do something creative and fun

  • Parent days. Parents can take one paid day off every month to spend time with their children

  • Parenting budget. Anyone who becomes a parent through childbirth or adoption gets a budget as a gift

  • Annual benefits including a budget that can be used for a home office, personal development, or leisure activities. Anything that fills you up with joy!

  • MacBook and other tools that'll help you to do your job efficiently

  • Check the full list of our awesome benefits here


Don't send us a CV. We like to do things differently.

Instead, here is how we would like you to apply:

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Get a MailerLite account

MailerLite is part of the ecosystem of The Remote Company. You can sign up for free here. Read here how to create an account.

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Create a newsletter about YOU

In your Mailerlite account, go to "Campaigns" and create a newsletter that answers the questions below.

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Send the newsletter to apply for the job

Send the newsletter or just the preview URL to [email protected].

You'll find this URL in the editor under "Preview and test" and then "Preview mode."

Things we want to see in your newsletter:

  • The word "Talent:" followed by your desired role in the email subject line

  • How you heard about The Remote Company

  • Links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and/or personal homepage

  • Previous companies you worked for, your role, projects you worked on, and the technology stack you used (if applicable)

  • Why you want to join The Remote Company

  • Your remote work experience

  • A description of a project or product that you loved working on and why

  • Expected salary

Good luck! We're looking forward to learning about you.

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