MailerLite was started in 2010. Now it's used by more than 1 million businesses and organizations around the world.

MailerLite is one of the leading marketing automation platforms globally.

First it started with email marketing features and a drag-and-drop editor to build beautiful email newsletters. Today with MailerLite you can also create websites, landing pages, pop-ups, surveys and more.

MailerLite is also known for their amazing company culture that is built on trust, dedication and shared values.

Guaranteed 98%+ delivery rate with verified email list.

MailerCheck is an email verification and analysis service. It helps to keep your subscriber lists clean from non-existing emails and improves email marketing performance.

MailerCheck has a vision to become a one stop shop for everything related to email marketing quality, including features like testing your campaign with different spam filters, reviewing how your email looks on different email clients and more.

Scalable cloud infrastructure is what sets MailerSend apart from the competition and gets your emails delivered.

MailerSend is a cloud-based transactional email service built for developers, but designed so your entire team can use it.

The team behind MailerSend has more than 10 years experience in sending huge volumes of email marketing campaigns and complex automation workflows.

Ycode generates real code that is almost the same as when coded by a human developer.

Ycode is a new no-code web app builder tool that empowers people to create and host advanced web apps without writing any code or hiring developers.

For the last 20 years creating web apps didn’t change much. Surely, it became easier to create websites and online shops using site builders, but what about custom solutions? For features like user authentication or data entry from a database, you still need to rely on developers.

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