Q&A with Martyna: From support to partner management

As a kid, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Dreams change, but so do career paths! Read how Martyna transitioned into her new role.

July 1, 2021

Meet Martyna

  • Currently lives in Lithuania

  • Originally from Lithuania

  • I'm a Partnership Manager

  • I started at The Remote Company in January 2018

  • Why I love my job: I truly appreciate the freedom, trust, and autonomy given to each team member. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it's personally one of the main contributors to my happiness. I also love being surrounded by motivated, hard-working, encouraging colleagues. They inspire me daily to think openly, stay positive, and strive for excellence—even in the smallest tasks.

As a kid, you wanted to be a dolphin trainer. We'd love to know more!

I sure did, until I realized that some animals should stay where they belong—in the wild. I’m still a huge animal lover and I try to help where I can!

Our company allows each team member to give free MailerLite accounts to non-profit organizations of your choice. I chose a local foundation, Sengirė. This company is dedicated to preserving ancient woods and their inhabitants here in Lithuania.

And talking about animals, our company loves them too! Pictures of my Belgian shepherd Uma get more reactions from colleagues compared to the work-related things I share on Slack. 😁

No dolphins, but yes to remote work. What made you decide to join our company three years ago?

I've spent over five years working in offices at huge tech corporations and I was ready to move on. Spending two hours commuting to/from work or having to sit in an office until a set time (even though your tasks are done) was crazy to me. Yet a lot of people around me told me I was being unreasonable!

I first came across The Remote Company on social media. As soon as I browsed through the website and read the company values, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I applied for a position in customer support and got in!

When I joined, it was only 30 of us (fun fact: we have quadrupled since then). During my first week, I was amazed by the warm welcome I received and the family-like atmosphere. I felt like I joined a group of friends who were simply working towards a common goal they were passionate about. It was such a breath of fresh air compared to my previous work experiences.

After doing support for two years, you joined the marketing team as Partnership Manager. How did this come about?

I knew the product extremely well and felt like it was time for a change… but I absolutely didn't want to leave the company!

Luckily, The Remote Company encourages people to look for internal job opportunities (in their own or different departments).

I wanted to make sure that my new role would be a great fit both for me and the company. To find out, I started talking to colleagues from other teams and asked them about their daily tasks. I tried to figure out where I could use my strengths. I also spoke to senior people to see what positions they thought I would thrive in. Partnership Manager turned out to be the perfect role!

What was your biggest challenge transitioning into a new role?

I joined the partnerships team, which was a team of one at the time (shout out to Jess). 🙋‍♀️

The biggest challenge was the mental switch. Customer support is a very responsive role—you answer client questions as they come in. The Partnership Manager position is very different. A big part of the role is being proactive, coming up with new ideas and strategies, build programs that do not exist yet. You have to think of your own goals. I found that to be a lot more difficult.

What does your week look like nowadays? What tasks do you enjoy?

When I joined, Jess and I worked on all partnership-related tasks. As the workload increased, our colleague Rachel joined us and we split responsibilities to make sure each area gets the attention it deserves.

Now I’m focused on building and growing affiliate programs for all products of The Remote Company. I also make sure our affiliates have everything they need to make their job as easy as possible.

I learned to love the balance of daily repetitive admin tasks, which I find calming and easy, and the creative part of my role, which is the part that challenges me most.


I’m Megan, Senior Content Writer at The Remote Company. Ever since I started working remotely, I pick my homes depending on the seasons: Europe during spring and summer, NYC for autumn, and winter escapes in Mexico.


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