The best coworking spaces in the world, according to our team

With a team of over 140 people in 40 countries, we know about co-working spaces all over the world. Here are our personal favorites!

July 22, 2021
Best coworking spaces in the world

As a remote-first team, everyone gets to work exactly where they feel most productive. For a portion of our team, they prefer to work from our beautiful HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania (with distance, of course).

For the rest of the team, it ranges from the comfort of their own home to breath-taking beach-view cafes, or coworking spaces with a great community. Our remote offices travel far and beyond!

Even though coworking is currently only possible in certain cities around the world, we all deserve to slowly start fantasizing again about remote work life as we used to know it. A life where you can go to a cafe or coworking space and be among other people (and perhaps even make some new friends!).

With a team of over 140 people in 40 countries, we’ve got many recommendations about remote work offices around the globe. From a moving office on wheels to cozy Parisian cafes, and beachy cowork hostels. Simply dream away or start planning your next trip: Here are the best coworking spaces in the world—tried and tested by our team.

HiTide Surf Hostel

📌 Las Palmas, Spain (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Jess, Partnership Manager

Jessica's best coworking space recommendation - Hitide hostel

“Walking into the door, you already feel like part of the HiTide family: A home away from home. The view across the beach from the beautiful rooftop terrace, the sound of the waves, the chilled vibe, and the positivity of the place are simply amazing. The crew that’s working in the hostel will exceed your expectations and their energy is contagious. This place is super tidy, has lovely decorations, and has a good internet connection.

Besides the hostel, Las Palmas has a lot to offer. You can explore the beautiful island by car, go surfing, slacklining, climbing, or take yoga classes. The hostel organizes a lot of things, like tapas and concert nights, shared dinners, and much more.”

This hostel is fully operating and available for bookings (July 2021).

Delicious Raw

📌 Miami, USA (see on the map)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Martin, Financial Manager

Martin's best remote office recommendation - Delicious Raw Miami

“Delicious Raw is my go-to coworking space when I’m in Miami. It’s a cozy place, with individual tables and shared desks in a living-room-style setting. A low level of noise allows you to get the job done. They serve amazing, healthy food, freshly made juices, and delicious coffee. Their staff is super friendly and you can be assured they’ll know your name after a couple of visits. If you need to take a quick break from work, you can go for a relaxing walk through Sunset Harbor!”

This cafe offers patio seating and takeout only due to COVID restrictions (July 2021).

3o - Out of Office

📌 Palanga, Lithuania (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Renata, Business Operations Specialist

Renata's coworking office recommendation - Out of Office

“I love this work environment because you have everything needed to be productive: speedy WiFi, coffee, and fresh air. It’s a nice place surrounded by nature. You can even spend your lunch break having a walk at the beach, overlooking the sea.”

Fun fact: Our Administrative Assistant Milda also loves to cowork here: “You’re surrounded by a pine tree forest, it’s walking distance to the sea, there are great facilities to work indoors and outdoors, and there’s even a BBQ to grill your lunch.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).


📌 Koh Phangan, Thailand (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Erin, Partnership Manager

Erin's best coworking space recommendation - Beach Hub

“Beachub is a small, open-air remote workspace tucked onto a small beach that pokes out from the west coast of Koh Phangan. The office itself is fairly basic. Older, worse-for-wear office chairs surround concrete tables. Plenty of plug sockets line these desks (these may or may not give you an electric kiss when you first plug in your laptop charger). There are also hammocks that hang haphazardly around the edges of the shared office space.

All the furniture in this space points to its main selling point... The view! Beachub is as advertised. A little hub on the beach. When you glance up from your laptop throughout the day, you are greeted with the crystal clear Thailand Gulf smiling back at you. Dogs cheerfully leap through the shallow water, playing with residents or other happy dogs.

When the sun starts to set, the whole office is illuminated with a warm orange glow, as the sun melts into the horizon right before your eyes to mark the end of another perfect workday.”

This coworking space is fully operating and coliving is available too (July 2021).


📌 Tbilisi, Georgia (see on the map)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Cody, Designer

Best hostel in the worlg by Cody - Fabrika Tbilisi

“Fabrika is an eclectic mix of things I love: coffee, photography, and soviet-era design. Housed in a former sewing factory, Fabrika is now part-hostel, part living organism of small creative businesses—from a ceramics studio to a film lab. The open space is huge with high ceilings. It’s flooded with natural light and decorated with vintage furniture and monochrome photographs of the space in its former Soviet glory. Fabrika also regularly hosts special artist events in their event space, like a class on fine-art photography. Fabrika is the best coworking space to work and meet creatives in Tbilisi.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).

U-Co Roma Norte

📌 Mexico City, Mexico (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Sthefani, People and Experience

Best remote office in the world by Stephany - U-Roma Mexico

“U-Co is a co-living and remote shared workspace. You can work from here and stay the night (or several), but it's not a regular hostel. It's a community of like-minded people, creatives, freelancers, remote workers, etc. We work all day and during our lunch breaks and on the weekends, we organize meetups and explore Mexico City together.”

This location is temporarily closed, but the U-Co in Juarez is fully operating (July 2021).

Cafe Le Peloton

📌 Paris, France (see on the map)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Jonas, Content Team Lead

Le Peleton cafe where Jonas loves to work remotely

“When you're working in Paris, WiFi is a bit tricky. Most Parisian cafes are unreliable for WiFi and the coffee is not very good. Le Peloton has amazing coffee and strong WiFi. The cafe also runs a Bike Tour Company, so people from around the world come through every day. You meet lots of interesting people and the owners are super chill.”

This cafe is open for takeaway but doesn’t offer indoor seating because of COVID restrictions (July 2021).

Joshua District

📌 Bali, Indonesia (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Radvile, Digital Advertising Manager

Joshua Discrict in is the best coworking space in Indonesia according to Radvile

“Joshua District is a restaurant, art exhibition, remote workspace, and more all-in-one. The place is made from shipping containers and recycled materials and has a rice field and ocean view—not much can beat this industrious setup! They also have a concept store and host local artist exhibitions. Joshua District is about a 30-minute scooter ride from Canggu and a great spot when you need to focus without any distractions.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).

The Palette Cafe (Upstairs)

📌 Saratoga Springs, USA (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Amanda, Project Manager

The Palette remote work cafe in Saratonga springs recommendation by Amanda

“For me, The Palette Upstairs is the best co-working space in Saratoga Springs, NY, that was built to create a community filled with fun, inspiring, compassionate and empowering women. It combines work with wellness! You can reserve meeting rooms and memberships come with not only free coffee but unlimited glasses of wine! (for after work hours, of course 😉). Between the floral and glittery pink wallpaper and the amazing professionals and small business owners I've met, I feel like I can take on the world when I walk through Palette's door.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).


📌 Ubud, Indonesia (see on the map)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Darius, Developer

Hubud - the best coworking space in Bali

“This coworking spot in Ubud is right on Jl. Monkey Forest, so there’s a good chance you’ll see a monkey or two. Hubud is praised for the helpful staff, good WiFi, perks for members, networking events, conference rooms, and quiet remote workspaces. There are ergonomic chairs, bean bags, and even rooms to record a podcast. You can grab your lunch in the cafe at the back—coffee and tea are free for members. When we asked Darius why it’s one of his top coworking spaces, he only needed two words: “It’s nice.”

This coworking space is closed until further notice due to COVID-19 (July 2021).

Workings Obarrio

📌 Panama, Panama (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Indre, Marketing Manager

Indre recommends Workings Obarrio coworking space in Panama

“I've been working here for an entire month, that’s how much I like it. It’s a wonderful co-working space with an exceptional panoramic view (great for cooking up your new startup idea). The remote work environment itself is very well equipped and comes with a few small rooms for video calls, private phone booths, and printers. In the kitchen and common area, you can make yourself a free coffee and socialize. Workings Obarrio is accessible 24/7, so you can come to work anytime.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).

Light House

📌 Klaipėda, Lithuania (see on the map)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Tautvydas, Developer

Best coworking space in the world - Lighthouse in Lithuania by Tatuvydas

“Light House Coworking is located in a great location, and conveniently situated near my flat. It’s a small and cozy remote office spot that comes with good pricing. You can buy a day pass, a membership to go 10 times, or make it your full-time office. They have a ton of flexible membership options that offer things like hot desks and dedicated desks, team meeting spaces, conference rooms, private offices, and even registered office addresses. Apart from the space itself, I also really like the community here.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).


📌 Koh Lanta, Thailand (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Maria, Senior Support Manager

Best coworking space in Thailand - Koh Lanta

“This is KoHub. It's empty at the ungodly hours I start my shift and there are several rooms to work in (some close at times due to low season). If you ever feel like working from an island with amazing beaches and great coworking space, this is the place. The location, other digital nomads, and facilities are all awesome. I'm totally in love with it.”

This coworking space is temporarily closed and reopens on October 1st, 2021 (July 2021).

The NOVA Pod

📌 Cape Town, South Africa (read more about this initiative)
🙋‍♂️ Recommended by Ignas, CEO

Mobile remote working office in south africa

“We stumbled upon this remote workspace completely by accident. We drove by and stopped to take a picture. Then we learned what it was! This moving office on wheels is a project initiated by co-working space Work & Co. The view changes every day and the office has great interior design, fast WiFi, a bar to make coffee, a toilet, and even a TV and whiteboard for presentations. If you’re looking for cool coworking spaces, this initiative is definitely a must-do!”

This moving office is available for bookings (July 2021).

Playground Coffee Shop

📌 Brooklyn, New York (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Megan, Senior Content Writer

Best remote office in USA Brooklyn

“This small, female-owned cafe on the corner of Bedford Ave and Quincy Street in NYC is a co-working space for artists, illustrators, filmmakers, designers, photographers, art organizations, writers, and any kind of creatives. Great iced matcha lattes and an even better background story. They have music events, host open mics, and focus on social and conscious awareness. And don’t forget to check out the back room, where you’ll find the Playground Annex: a library with works by Black, Indigenous, Brown, Latinx, AAPI, Queer, and Trans authors.”

This cafe is open but not suitable for coworking due to COVID restrictions (July 2021).

Daelim Changgo Gallery CO:LUMN

📌 Seoul, South Korea (see on the map)
🙋‍♀️ Recommended by Ilma, COO

Best coworking space in the South Korea by Ilma

“I love art (it’s actually one of the main factors when I pick my travel destinations), so you can imagine how happy I was stumbling upon this gem of a cafe. Daelim Changgo (대림창고 갤러리 컬럼) is located in Seongsu-dong, the Brooklyn of Seoul. A district where art is all around and cafes double as art galleries—just like this one. The streets around the cafe are filled with interesting murals, unexpected art, and industrial charm. Daelim Changgo is spacious, has a variety of seating options, and a really cool industrial vibe.”

This coworking space is fully operating (July 2021).

Do you know a cool co-working space somewhere in the world? Leave your suggestion in the comments.


I’m Megan, Senior Content Writer at The Remote Company. Ever since I started working remotely, I pick my homes depending on the seasons: Europe during spring and summer, NYC for autumn, and winter escapes in Mexico.


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