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The Remote Company recaps 2021

With a new year right around the corner, we decided to look back at all the milestones, memories, and magic that happened at The Remote Company!

From adding 44 new talents to our team (and now covering all continents) to launching new products and meeting in sunny places all over the world—this year’s been a blast!

Join us as we recap 2021 🥳

We evolved

We grew in more ways than one in 2021! Our team got 21% bigger, we developed 3 new products and 12 teams got the chance to meet up in person.


team members (+21%)


new talents hired


continents covered


people changed positions internally


out of 18 team leads are female (that’s 44.4%)


new products: MyZenTeam, Partnero (both launching soon) and Ycode.


Virtual staycations with fun activities and presentations


brave new people presented their Pecha Kucha


real-life work together meetups around the world

We adapted

2021 may still have been a year of restrictions but that didn’t stop us from staying connected. We held two virtual retreats (staycations) during which we shared knowledge, learned more about each other, and caught up on what other teams were getting up to.


That's the rating our team gave our last staycation!

Our recipe for the perfect staycation

🧘‍♀️  4 days is the ideal timeframe for most of our team

🍝  Sticking to a schedule and planning enough breaks is key

👋  We value bonding with colleagues most during staycations

👩‍🏫  RemoteFair, where each team presents their results and updates (bonus points if it's interactive), was crowned “most useful activity”


Ever heard of the IKEA-effect? When people participate, they value it more.

That’s why every staycation, we ask our talented team members to organize and join in on activities. These member-led activities were rated 9.0 on average (the highest!). Here’s what we did:

  • Trivia night by People Experience stars Sthefani and Milda

  • DJ mixing session with Data Scientist Deividas

  • Breathing and yoga with Partnership Manager Jess

  • Making ceramic art with Junior Designer Mora

  • Zero waste habits with Project Manager Agathe

We made memories around the world

After having to postpone our company-wide Miami workation for a second time, we decided to let teams organize their own work together. With a $1000 budget per person, each team could pick their favorite location and plan their dream meetup!

Fun facts

🌎  We met in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Georgia, Austria, and Croatia

🇪🇸  Barcelona was most popular, with three teams meeting there

🍻  Teams enjoyed beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hikes, sailing, museums, scavenger hunts, innerdance sessions, and more!

🤝‍  Tech support and Deliverability had the smallest meetup, with three colleagues exploring Kutaisi and Barcelona. The support and marketing teams had the biggest meetups with 16 people each!

🎒  After meeting in Bogota, support champs Harmony (New Zealand), Pana (Honduras), and Sabina (Bali) decided to continue traveling together #remotefriends

Pana, Sabina and Harmony hiking

We explored our passions

At The Remote Company, everyone gets a (paid) day off every quarter to do anything but work! On this so-called Creative Day, people are encouraged to unplug and indulge in something they love doing.

With a team as diverse as ours, the activities vary from Warhammer miniature painting to hiking, jewelry making, diving, and building Lego sets.

And even with challenging restrictions, many team members managed to cross off epic bucket list items on their creative day. Get inspired for your 2022 list:

We discovered shared interests

We’ve got 20+ non-work Slack channels and our staycations sparked a lot of them! Each staycation, new team members make a presentation about themselves and present it.

By watching these “wow that’s SO cool” slideshows, we discovered that we have many things in common—like our love for animals, personal finance, UFC, and gardening.

New non-work channels

  • #books: Where People Experience Specialist Sthefani will start hosting a book club in 2022!

  • #riseandslay: Where we discuss all things self-care (and have lengthy Olaplex convos—our team had such high hopes but most were not a fan)

  • #photography: Where some of the most beautiful stills are shared by our talented (hobby-)photographers!

  • #psychology-neuroscience: Where we share interesting reads about humans and how our brains work

  • #happy-hippie: Where Partnership Manager Jess hosts daily meditation and breathwork sessions (including hilarious Russell Brand meditations)

  • #cycling: Where we obsess over bikes and how to pimp your ride

  • #game-break: Where impromptu Pictionary parties are held

  • #gaming: Where we geek out over nostalgic games and new releases

We appreciated each other

The key to great teams is people feeling happy at work. This year, we introduced “vibe checks”—a recurring, personal call with HR to check-in and talk about work and wellbeing. They’re confidential and a safe space to share anything that might not go so well at work.

We’re also big on kudos! Appreciating each other’s efforts and work boosts team atmosphere and puts a smile on people’s faces. In our #kudos Slack channel, we regularly give compliments. In our monthly 15Five, there’s also a lot of high-fiving happening.


High-fives were given in total in 2021 on 15Five. WHOA! 💯


Kudos were written by Support Lead Remis, who’s our #1 cheerleader! 👯


Compliments were given to Operations Manager Maria in 2021 🥇

We invested in things that brought us joy

Part of the annual benefits is a joy budget. Depending on how long you’ve been at The Remote Company, the budget varies from $500 to $3,000. It can be spent on anything, as long as it brings joy!

Here are some of our favorite examples:

  • Andrej's new MIDI controller

  • Karina's new piano

  • Justas in the climbing hall that he joined

We worked remotely

We hired Noa, the new face of MailerLite’s video tutorials. She works from Vancouver on the far-left of the map, while Harmony helps customers on the opposite side in New Zealand (well, depending on how you look at the world).

We were also excited to cover Africa with Financial Assistant Davy working from there!

Then the winning Trivia quiz team adopted a penguin to support WWF. And with our Antarctica penguin Captain Awesome, we officially have people(-ish) from every single continent working at The Remote Company.

Happy New Year from all of us at The Remote Company!

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Cheers to a thriving New Year and, as our HR would say, stay wholesome. 🙌


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